It started out with a wrestling session that I won hands down. My prize I decided was going to be that I keep him all night – use him as my pony, chaperone, mat and torture toy. He drove us to the city for dinner where he paid for my lavash meal and ate only what I told him to. He carried me on his back through the streets of Surry Hills to a club for a late night show. Whilst I sat down and chatted with other men in the bar, he massaged and kissed my feet, worshipping me in public. I had threatened him with domestic chores so on the way home we stopped in at my home and I stripped him off to his jocks and padlock collar – the one I had crowned him with that was biting into his neck all night. I sent him to the terrace to water all the plants. It was midnight and I enjoyed putting my feet up watching him. He did as I asked as I knew he would, with no hesitation or comment. After driving us back to the dungeon I stripped him off again and fastened my leather head gag over his face and deep into his mouth. I dressed him in his pyjamas with the word “owned” strewn across his chest.  I rode him like a pony, pulling tight on the gag and spanking him as I urged him forward. To finish I milked him to actual agony then chained him to the bed posts where he stayed until the morning.

He showered and cleaned my floors while I slept in. Upon rising and showering I rode on his back from point to point while he remained in slave position.  I changed into my leopard print leotard and thigh high stiletto boots, chaining him on his back with his legs high in the air. I got hot towels and lay them on his cock and balls getting ready for a close shave with my razor. I tried to put my favourite chastity glans ring on him however he was never flaccid enough for me to get it on without piercing his skin. Not into blood I decided to fuck the eye of his cock with my rosebud sounds. He had a full hood on as I sat on his face and suffocated him while I milked him one last time.