I’ve had a fantastic opportunity come up that sees me travel to Melbourne one weekend a month. I hope to start doing so the first weekend in November and will be working from a dungeon in Collingwood. I’m looking for a good venue to wrestle in if anyone from south can suggest a nice big private empty space I can fill with mats? I will be available for bookings Friday and Saturday from 7pm and all day Sunday. Last appointment will be 6pm Sunday night. I am very excited to be spending some time with Mistress Sophia Dolore (see her here!). We are old friends from Salon Kittys. She actually trained me when I was an apprentice and thought I knew it all. Didn’t that illusion come crashing down when she invited me into a very heavy CBT piercing session. I went green and nearly hit the floor, managing to excuse myself before I did so. ┬áHundreds of needles through the slaves cock and balls inflamed by boiling water being squeezed through them individually then scotch poured on top just to make sure he was completely agonised. I can safely say I made piercing my hard limit for ever more! You all know by now what my favourite sessions are – if not spend a little time reading my blog and you will soon find out. If you would like to book me for one please contact by email and I need a deposit as room hire fees need to be paid. I will consider outcalls with regular clients only and I offer paid dinner dates at $100 if you’d like to meet me before committing.

As some of you know I had a close encounter with “cauliflower ear” about a month ago. Below is a picture of how I managed to combat the full head bandage and still get on with being a Dominant. Girl with the pearl earring anyone?

Mistress Tahlia