Moi! I absolutely adore being spanked which is probably not a well known fact. I’ve actually spent long periods of time being 24/7 submissive to a Master who LOVED corporal punishment however haven’t been active for the last year.  Its wonderful when you are booked by a Master for a spanking session as I find its only arousing when its been requested of me, not when I’ve requested it of a playmate. The very small percentage of kinksters who have spanking/ corporal punishment as their dominant fantasy will understand what I mean. You can ask any playmate to punish you but if its not a mutual thing then the pain for devotion aspect just isn’t present.  I love being trained to take what is expected of me, in the beginning I may not realise that I like it however the more I trust a play mate the more I want to please them and the more enjoyable the pain I’m subjected to is.  When working at Salon Kittys I used to be spanked so often that I could take up to very heavy hand/ paddle/ cane. The more often I was spanked the more often I craved to be spanked and some clients may remember I used to challenge them to a spanking competition to see who gave in first, their hand or my bottom. I never lost a game.  If I were to get specific I could say that my favourite Masters are the older English gentlemen, it just seems to be bred in them. I’ve had a flurry of them over the years and am always excited to meet a new one. At the height of my submissive run I fantasised about moving to London. I’ve heard the spanking scene is flourishing as it always had and the idea of making a living by being punished by Englishmen after Englishmen was making me weak at the knees.  Anyway, today I had a fabulous spanking from one such gentlemen and remembered how much I need this in my life.  The role play was school girl / Principal, a role I know and love! I left with a pink bottom and grateful reminder of something I once thought I could not live without. Now back to checking out one of my favourite websites, the pink report. Enjoy!