I”m completely flat out (just like the rest of you!) until xmas eve when I have nothing booked in. I’d like to suggest maybe a foot worship session or two? I am getting a grand pedicure next week and well, whose feet couldn’t use a good rub? Or potentially the opposite, a lovely, harsh, ball busting, soul crushing humiliation and psychological control session?  Here is a good scenario. Its xmas eve and you have come home from a long work trip interstate. While unpacking your bags I notice a secret compartment underneath and in it is a suspender belt, stockings and a very slutty looking g-string.  I keep my rage inside me as I seduce you. Stripping you slowly, until you are eventually naked and I am in the xmas lingerie I had bought especially to suprise you.  When are you hot and horny I blindfold you and tie your hands to the chair- you are thinking you are about to get very lucky. When I reappear I am wearing the lingerie of yours that I found.  Your heart skips a beat, I slap you across the face and your torture begins. First things first I bend you over and stuff the lingerie inside you. Half in your mouth and half in your arse.  You are helpless and I am uncontrollable in my desire for revenge.  Over the course of the punishment I make you piss you in a bowl, I piss in it too then stuff your head in it with my high heeled foot.  I have no  idea where this rage has come from but I see its turning you on and I find myself extremely excited. Heart racing we continue until you’ve satisfied me and I”ve made you eat your man gism. Then we make some martinis and start to open the presents by the fire. The End.