Apprentice Dita had a full first day filming a wrestling session between myself and Mr Rope Bunny. Next I assisted her with a full transformation including leg shaving, lingerie, corsetry, hair & makeup. She is an absolute natural for this type of session! Her background is in fashion styling and she has a gift for applying makeup so our client was more than happy! After the transformation had taken place we revised some standing bondage positions and some light CBT and nipple torture. Her next shifts will be Tuesday 21st, 25th & 28th of October and we are looking for willing participants ie house slaves into Mistresses choice style sessions for $100/ hour. Please text me to book in! I also used this time to practice my photography skills and took some lovely shots. Dita will be learning all the erotic wrestling holds this week – cant you imagine yourself being in head scissors, body scissors or grapevine? She currently has a sore ankle so won’t be doing any wrestling more competitive than holds for a few weeks yet.